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Nepali Peaberry Nrs 1,200

Peaberry, also known as caracoli, is a type of coffee bean that is oval rather than flat.  Typically, around 5% of all coffee beans harvested are of this form.  Peaberry beans are widely reputed to roast better than flat berries.


100% - Nepali Highland-Organic Grown Nrs 1,150

Nepali Highland Organic Grown

This coffee is proudly grown by the largest coffee company in Nepal - Highland Organic Coffee  Company Pvt. Ltd. We are delighted to participate in this local-farmer-initiative.

Nepali coffee frequently has "off" notes.  To avoid this we highly recommend your buying "one bag in advance," i.e., always have two bags "in stock" - using the older one and allowing the newer one to "age."


"A Taste of Nepal" Coffee Gift Box - Extra Small for When You Travel! Nrs 750

This is a great gift item when you travel…for the coffee lover in your life. Packed in a unique lokta (traditional Nepali paper) box…it contains 100% Nepali “organic grown” highland Arabica coffee. To savour this coffee’s nuances we recommend “espresso roast”...and for maximum flavour preservation while travelling we recommend “whole bean.” Other options are available however! Please specify in the "Comment Box" when you order on-line.