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Butter Rum Flavoured Arabica Nrs 1,250

Classic rum with rich & creamy dairy notes.  The smooth richness of this coffee's texture enhanced by the caramelized and brown sugar's taste...with just a hint of spice and a woody accent.

Chocolate Swiss Almond Flavoured Arabica Nrs 1,250

Sweet and nutty indulgence combining milk chocolate notes with a full-bodied nut appeal.

Creamy French Vanilla Flavoured Arabica Nrs 1,250

A great morning “primer” before facing Kathmandu's traffic!

English Toffee Cream Flavoured Arabica Nrs 1,250

Smooth and creamy English toffee loaded with sweet, brown caramelic notes and a butterscotch finish.

Roasted Hazel Nut Flavoured Arabica Nrs 1,250

The world's most-popular coffee flavour!

Toasted Almond Cream Flavoured Arabica Nrs 1,250

Subtle nutty flavor of California almonds freshly-shelled and toasted until golden brown with ribbons of smooth dairy cream.