Top of the World Coffee Adheres to Fair and Ethical Business Practises

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Is what Top of the World Coffee sells really world-class coffee?

Roasting on our Ambex RoasterYes, absolutely.  We import from abroad using the same sources as the “big guys,” including Starbucks.  All our coffees are genuine single-origin Arabica milds.

2.    Why are Top of the World Coffee prices so high?

If you compare carefully you will see that our prices are not high.  We charge the identical price for the identical coffee that you would pay from a typical North American family-operated "country store" roaster.  Given that our imported coffees are flown in via air-freight (an expensive option) it is somewhat remarkable that our prices are not even higher.

3.    Tell me more about your roaster and other equipment.

Local coffee growers also appreciate the option of not having to roast over a fire or grind with a millstone!Our roaster is an Ambex YM-2 model…designed for light-industrial roasting.  While our website includes simplistic “medium” and “dark” roast options, please know that if you are a more sophisticated coffee drinker we can do literally anything…American, Viennese, Espresso, French, Italian… roasts.  We also have a Bunn bulk grinder that allows us to achieve any grade of coffee fineness that you desire.  If you have a special roasting and/or grinding request please simply note it on the “Special Instructions” portion of our on-line ordering form.

4.    Tell me a bit more about Top of the World Coffee’s partnership with Highland Coffee Promotion Company?

Signing our partnership agreement with Highland CoffeeOne of Top of the World Coffee’s primary objectives is that of promoting Nepali coffee.  A reality we continue to confront, however, is that Nepal is a very recent arrival on the world coffee scene whereas established producers elsewhere have been growing coffee for decades, if not centuries.  By joining forces with the largest farmer-owned company in Nepal, we hope to achieve the goal of “Placing Nepal on the World Map for Quality Coffee.”

5.    Who designed your Top of the World Coffee logo?

We are grateful to Doug Glick, at Glick Creative, for kindly doing this.  To learn more about Doug’s creativity please visit <>.

6.    What should I do if I have a problem or a suggestion?

By all means please contact us at  Our goal is that of satisfying customers.  We cannot solve problems, however, unless you are willing to communicate them…so please do kindly be in touch.  Thank you!

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