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 1. Coffee cherries awaiting (selective!) harvesting.
 Cherries 2. Harvested coffee cherries requiring sorting.
 3. Wet hulling removes the outer exocarp.
 Fermentation 4. Fermentation is necessary...both for aroma & acidity.
 5. Drying requires 10-15 days to reach the parchment state or en pergamino.
 Parchment6. Dry hulling removes the parchment skin to yield "green coffee."
 7. Roasting green coffee takes about 12-15 minutes. Roasting
 Packing 8. Weighing & packing
 9. Guaranteed fresh coffee...ready for home & office delivery.
 Ready for sale!
 Enjoy! 10. Only one thing left...enjoy!

" is hard to find too many European or American intellectuals who did not spend the better part of their days in cafes or coffee houses.  Recall that the Enlightenment not only gave Europe a new worldview but coffee and tea as well.  It must have been considerably easier revolutionizing Western thought after morning coffee than after the typical medieval breakfast of beer and herring."

Kenneth Davids

Coffee: A Guide to Buying, Brewing, and Enjoying

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