Top of the World Coffee Adheres to Fair and Ethical Business Practises

Vision, Mission & Values



…is one of  “Placing Nepal on the World Map for Quality Coffee.”



…is one of “Operating a business that provides dignified and sustainable jobs to both Nepal’s coffee farmers and our employees, generates a fair profit, is fun, and is par excellent in everything we do.”


Our Guiding Principles Include:

  1. Providing 100 percent quality, 100 percent of the time.   

  2. Sourcing our local coffee at the “grass roots”—where each farmer or cooperative is treated with fairness and dignity.

  3. Providing our coffee farmers and all other suppliers with timely payment.

  4. Treating our employees using fair-trade principles, viewing them as one of the company's most valuable assets.

  5. Offering Nepal-based coffee lovers a “world-class” product repertoire, featuring both local and internationally-recognised specialty coffees.

  6. Introducing international coffee lovers to full-bodied highland Arabica having a unique Himalayan signature.

  7. Striving to be a national leader in high-grown-mild coffee blends.

  8. Cooperating and entering into agreements with other like-minded companies and organizations adhering to fair-trade, organic, and other “sustainable coffee” principles.

  9. Producing other lines of wholesome products using indigenous resources, which enhance the company’s capability to provide year-round employment.

  10. Operating a company that is God-honouring in every aspect.

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