Top of the World Coffee Adheres to Fair and Ethical Business Practises

Organic? Fairtrade?

These are common terms-of-speech that one occasionally hears applied flippantly.

Nepal does have very limited plots of certified organic coffee.  This coffee is generally slated for export…where the world market provides an “organic differential.”  For more information regarding organic (& also fairtrade) differentials, please consult:[productType]=7&tx_zwo3pricing_pi1[country]=0&tx_zwo3pricing_pi1[ submit_button]=Go

Currently no coffee roaster in Nepal is organic certified.  That means if you are buying local coffee it is not truly organic.  For a roaster to obtain organic certification there must be a physical wall “down the middle of the factory”…dividing the certified versus non-certified portions.  As you can see, this is a costly option because it requires “two of everything.”  In Top of the World Coffee we do not sell organically certified coffee but, rather, “Organically Grown."


Fairtrade is another common term.  Again, as in the case of “organic,” however, read the context in which it is applied closely.  Currently no coffee in Nepal is fairtrade certified.  Although the Top of the World Coffee’s owner does hold “Individual Associate” status in the World Trade Organisation—there is a major gulf between that and a company receiving fair trade certification.  Our company does, however, adhere to “Ethical Trading” principles.  These include paying our creditors on-time and paying our employees a fair wage (constant and on time each month...despite frequent "bandhs"!).  For more information regarding fairtrade, please consult:

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