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Sometimes “purists” will ask me, “Why doesn’t Top of the World serve totally Nepali coffee?”


Just today I completed the annual task of evaluating seven samples of Nepali coffee…deciding which one we will offer to customers over the next 12 months.  The highest-scoring sample scored 69.  A minimum score of 80 is required for specialty coffee—the level we require.  For the past 8 years we have faithfully visited Nepali coffee growers at the farm-level; advising, mentoring…and advising again.  In the current year alone I have made three trips to Nuwaot, one to Syangja, and one to Gorkha…still searching for the “holy grail.”


When people ask the question above, therefore, I generally reply with another question; “Where did the latest glass of wine you drank here in Nepal come from?”  When the inevitable “foreign-wine” answer comes—my response is, “They do make wine here in Nepal, don’t they?”


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