Top of the World Coffee Adheres to Fair and Ethical Business Practises

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Do you appreciate the difference between a cup of ordinary and

 ...truly great coffee? 


We offer a number of totally unique products delivered guaranteed-fresh to your home or office door including:

1. Blends - the basic principle of blending is "opposites."  We offer some of the most unique blends available anywhere on Planet Earth. Blending allows you to enjoy world-class "complexity" at a more economical price.

2. Single-Origin Coffees - these are 100% "world-class" coffees imported from origins of high repute in the world of specialty coffee.  While the price may initially seem high, compare it on a per-glass basis with an imported wine and you will see what a bargain it is!
3. Nepali Coffee in Unique Gift Packaging - because we are small company we can offer personalised service in providing products with a unique Himalayan flair.

4. Decaffeinated Coffee - this is the coffee you want if you value your sleep at night.  Our "decaf" hails from Colombia - the world's second-largest coffee grower.  Check out our "evening blends" which combine decaf with either Ethiopian Sidamo or Sumatran Mandheling - at just 50% of the caffeine.

5. Flavoured Coffees - while purists consider flavours faddish, many people enjoy them.  When you drink coffee, drink it the way you enjoy it!!  We use only certified coffee flavours provided by a reputable North American supplier.


  Caramel Candy, Chocolate Dream, Chocolate Swiss Almond, Creamy French Vanilla, English Toffee Cream, Roasted Hazel Nut & Toasted Almond Cream

6. 200 gm Packets - if you find our normal 400 gm packet too daunting, kindly note that you can get the same product in a 200 gm packet format.


Remember that Nepali coffee makes a great gift when you travel…and fresh-roasted Top of the World Coffee makes an even greater one!

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