Top of the World Coffee Adheres to Fair and Ethical Business Practises

About Top of the World Coffee

Top of the World Coffee Pvt. Ltd. is a small family business owned by an American living and working in Nepal, the land of Mt. Everest, for about three decades.


Being internationally owned, Top of the World Coffee thoroughly understands both the uncompromising Western expectations regarding quality on one hand balanced by the unique challenges of providing local jobs and employment in one of the world's most daunting business environments on the other.  We find great joy and also immense passion as we, daily, attempt to fill this unique niche.


Our specialty is that of providing a happy meeting between East and West!

One of the primary motives for our being in business is to provide you with a delectable cup of coffee having a distinct Himalayan signature.


“Placing Nepal on the World Map for Quality Coffee”



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